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Whether you are a UK resident with rental properties in Spain or a Spanish resident with assets and income in the UK, we've got you covered. Our team specialises in helping you navigate the intricacies of tax regulations to ensure you meet your obligations and optimise your financial situation. Additionally, our team is fluent in both English and Spanish to provide you with comprehensive and personalised service.

We assist individuals with various income sources, including dividends from UK companies, rental income from properties in the UK, and income from salaries with UK companies, among others.

Our Services includes full preparation and submission to of taxes to HMRC and Spanish Tributary Agency:

Model 210 Quarterly Filing for UK Property Owners in Spain

For UK residents who own rental properties in Spain, it is crucial to report rental income accurately and on time to meet Spanish tax obligations. We specialise in handling Model 210 quarterly returns for individuals in this situation.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your tax situation, taking into account all relevant details.
  • Timely and accurate filing of Model 210 quarterly returns with the Spanish Tax Agency.
  • Tax optimisation to minimise liabilities while maximising financial benefits.

Model 210 Annual Filing for Unrented Properties

If you own a property in Spain that is not currently rented, we can assist with the annual Model 210 filing. It is essential to fulfil your Spanish tax obligations, even for unrented properties.

Model 100 Filing under the Double Taxation Agreement

For Spanish residents with assets and income in the UK, we offer expert assistance with Model 100 filing, taking into account the double taxation agreement between the UK and Spain. This ensures that you do not face double taxation and helps you make the most of tax treaty benefits.

Our Model 100 services include:

  • Analysis of your unique tax situation to determine eligibility under the double taxation agreement.
  • Accurate and timely filing of Model 100 to leverage tax treaty benefits.
  • Expert guidance to help you navigate the complexities of international tax regulations.

The above services include full migration to HMRC on your Self-Assessment. if needed under DTA.

Tax Reports for British Nationals

Our specialised tax reports for British expatriates living in Spain are designed to address a range of critical tax aspects that impact your financial situation. We provide in-depth analysis and reporting on the following key areas:

  • UK and Spanish Income Tax Considerations

    We assess the interaction between UK and Spanish income tax regulations, helping you understand how your income from various sources in both countries may be taxed. This includes analysing any applicable double taxation relief under the UK-Spain tax treaty.

  • Property Income and Capital Gains

    For British expatriates who own property in both the UK and Spain, we evaluate the tax implications of rental income, property sales, and any capital gains. Our reports offer guidance on how to optimise your property-related tax obligations.

  • Inheritance and Wealth Tax Planning

    We provide insights into inheritance tax and wealth tax considerations, helping you make informed decisions about estate planning and wealth preservation, considering the differences between the UK and Spain.

  • Pensions and Retirement Planning

    For expatriates receiving pensions from the UK and Spain, we analyse the tax treatment of pension income in both countries, ensuring that you minimise your tax liability and make the most of available exemptions.

  • Compliance with Reporting Obligations

    Our reports include guidance on fulfilling reporting obligations in both the UK and Spain, such as annual declarations and tax return submissions, to keep you in compliance with tax regulations in both countries.

  • Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies

    We provide recommendations for tax-efficient investment strategies that align with your long-term financial goals, considering the tax implications of various investment options available to expatriates.

  • Domicile and Residency Status

    Our reports help you determine your domicile and residency status, which can significantly affect your tax liability in both the UK and Spain. We offer advice on how to structure your affairs to minimise tax exposure based on your specific circumstances.

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  • Commitment to Excellence: We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service, meeting deadlines, and safeguarding the confidentiality of your financial information.
  • Streamlined Tax Processes: We simplify the complex world of international tax compliance, saving you time and effort.

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