Retail Sector

The retail environment in the UK is seen as one of the most dynamic environments in which to work. Numerous challenges mean that Retail businesses require skilled, technical advice and Aster & Trujillo has developed a department dedicated to this purpose.

Our team of qualified and technical advisers are experienced in this field and can provide our clients with the best advice possible to help see them through this challenging industry.

  • Asset finance
  • Distribution and supply
  • Employee and staff management
  • Online retail
  • In-store concessions
  • Factoring and invoice discounting
  • Franchising
  • Manufacturing, warehousing and logistics
  • Taxation issues

In addition to the above, please note that our Retail advice also covers Property matters:

  • Construction
  • Landlord and tenant issues
  • Planning and licensing
  • Property acquisition
  • Property management
  • Intellectual Property

We work with small businesses, larger retail businesses and online stores, also covering the entire supply chain in the process.

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